Gynaecological Health

Private Gynaecologist London

gynaecological-healthYou will find doctors experienced in gynaecological health at either of our clinics - the City Walk-in Clinic and the Harley Street Walk-in Clinic. Our doctors can help diagnose a broad range of gynaecological issues. When necessary, you will benefit from the fast blood results and same-day ultrasound and gynaecological specialist referrals.

The expertise of our doctors covers conditions such as:

1    Lower abdominal and pelvic pain
2    Pelvic inflammatory disease
3    Cervical screening
4    Polyps, fibroids and endometriosis
5    Menstrual problems
6    Polycystic ovarian syndrome
7    Hormonal problems
8    Fertility and antenatal screening
9    Contraceptive advice

We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment to our patients. That’s why there are female doctors available nearly every day at our clinics. Our Walk-in Clinics also operate a chaperone policy to provide additional comfort to our patients undergoing intimate examinations. Patients are more than welcome to bring a friend or a relative if they wish.

Gynaecological health FAQs

Q: I'm used to seeing a gyneacologist in my home country. Is your clinic the right place for me?
A: Healthcare systems differ from country to country. General practitioners in the UK are trained to handle many elements of gynaecological examinations and procedures such as cervical smears and swabs, If you need to see a specialist gynaecologist we will refer you within our network of specialists. We cooperate only with specialists who our patients have reported back positively about. 

Q: What if I need an ultrasound or further imaging?
A: We do not have on-site facilities to conduct scans however. We can arrange same day ultrasound referrals with our local partners. Please note that a GP or specialist referral is always necessary for ultrasound.

Q: Is there a female doctor available?
A: Yes, there is a female doctor available at both of our locations every day but you need to call in advance to ensure you see her. We also operate chaperone policy to provide you with an additional comfort and security.


If you have an acute problem or long-term  problem that you need to address, please contact us and mention that you are coming for a women’s health issue so that the correct gynaecologist can be assigned to you.

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